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Version: User Guide 6.2

Syslog Watcher Server

Syslog Watcher Server is a Windows service named SWNGServer. The display name of the server is Syslog Watcher NG Server.

Starting/Stopping Server

Use Syslog Watcher Manager

  • Click Main toolbar - Start Server button Start Server (Main Toolbar) to start the server.
  • Click Main toolbar - Stop Server button Stop Server (Main Toolbar) to stop the server.

Use Windows Services

  1. Open Services application (Start Menu > Windows Administrative Tools):
    [Windows Administrative Tools - Services]:#(./img/windows-services.png)
  2. Select Syslog Watcher Server NG in the list of services.
    Syslog Watcher Service
  3. Click Start/Stop to start/stop the server.

Use Command Prompt

From the Start menu, right-click Command Prompt, select More, and select Run as Administrator.

  • Type net start SWNGServer to start the server.
  • Type net stop SWNGServer to stop the server.

Strting Service via Command Prompt