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Version: User Guide 6.5

First Steps

1. Open Syslog Watcher Manager

The Syslog Watcher Manager enables the administration and configuration of the Syslog Watcher server. It also allows viewing, analyzing, and exporting collected syslog messages.

2. (Optional) Activate Enterprise License

Request the 30-day evaluation Enterprise License to unlock all the product features.

3. Add Network Interface


To start receiving syslog messages you need at least one network interface in the server configuration.

If you just installed Syslog Watcher, the most basic (Syslog over UDP port number 514) interface has already been added to the configuration. UDP/514 works well for many default-configured originators, but you may need to add network interfaces that are more appropriate for your specific situation. Later, we recommend switching to Syslog over TLS if your originators support it.

4. Start Syslog Watcher Server

4. Get a Test Message

To make sure that the network interfaces are configured correctly, and the server can receive messages, you can first get a test syslog messages from SyslogGenerator.


We recommend running the test message generator on another machine to ensure firewalls do not block messages.

5. Configure Your Syslog Originators